Workshop Details


Workshops are held weekly. Each workshop will teach you how to make a product from start to finish.

As you acquire skills, you become a Member.

Members are allowed to work on their own (personal projects, or workshop) projects and use equipment unsupervised, as they are trained and become proficient on each machine. 

Therefore, some members may be working on unrelated projects while you are in a workshop. 

The shop

Cherokee & Texas Mfg. is a fully equipped commercial production shop. Some of training you receive will be on commercial grade, industrial equipment. Where possible, you will be shown hand methods, or the hobby equivalent of the machinery you will be using. For the most part, you will be using the industrial equipment, rather than the hand method. 

Equipment and Skill-Sets

This is a partial list of the general shop equipment you will be trained on:

• Standard Sewing Machines (flat bed)

Cylinder Arm Sewing Machines

Hand Powered Sewing Machines

Leather Skiver

Leather Splitter

Punch Press

30" Paper Cutter


Hot Foil Embossing Machine

Rivet Setter

Snap Setter

Leather Edger

Wax Wheel Edger

Laser Cutter


This is a partial list of the skills you will acquire:

• Hand knives and material cutting - leather, fabric, templates, etc.

• Measuring - rulers and straight edges, calipers, leather thickness gauge, etc. 

• Skiving - thinning of one edge of a leather piece, both by hand and my machine. 

• Splitting - thinning of the entire piece of leather to the desired workable thickness. 

• Riveting - using rivets to secure multiple pieces of material.

• Stitching - Hand stitching, using a punch and two needles. 

• Stitching - Machine stitching, using the machines listed above.

• Template Making - How to efficiently make templates for cutting. 

• Template Usage - how to properly and accurately cut product from your templates

• Gluing and assembly - proper methods for gluing leather for assembly. 

• Snap Setting - proper sizing and application of snaps, where appropriate.

• Laser Cutter - Making and cutting templates and product.

• Edging - Techniques for treating the exposed edges of your leather product. 

• Zippers - How to properly size and measure and install a zipper.

• Linings - How to properly line the interior of a leather good with another material.